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Hendrickson UK History

In 1913 Magnus Hendrickson, a Swedish immigrant, started manufacturing commercial trucks in Chicago, Illinois. To meet the demand for robust, durable suspensions, Hendrickson introduced the first tandem walking-beam suspension in 1926.

Hendrickson’s pioneering spirit led to a series of valuable "firsts" that have changed the industry and inspired growth. From production of our first tandem suspension in 1926 to the innovative designs of today’s INTRAAX® AANL 9t, an integrated trailer axle and air suspension system, and HC-P™ Series, a premium, 4-bag, drive-axle, non-torque-reactive truck air suspension system.

As a result of this pioneering spirit, Hendrickson was able to design and manufacture new product lines and expand into new global markets. The Boler Company purchased Hendrickson in 1978 and extended the company’s global reach by acquiring an English company, Norde Suspensions, Ltd., in 1985.

Norde Suspensions had its genesis as NORDE, the North Derbyshire Engineering Company, Ltd. This firm's involvement with mining vehicles led them to develop the first tandem rubber suspension in the late 1950s. These tough, reliable suspensions quickly became common equipment on heavy-duty vehicles worldwide, and the company grew into a respected producer of running gear for trucks and trailers. Brooklands Aviation purchased NORDE in 1976 and the firm's operations were moved to the historic Sywell facility, where RAF fighters and bombers had once been assembled and repaired.

After the purchase of Norde Suspensions, Ltd., the company was renamed Hendrickson-Norde. Sywell quickly became the headquarters for Hendrickson's European operations and in 1989 the name was changed to Hendrickson Europe Ltd. In 2015 the name was changed again to Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems UK.

Since the purchase of Norde Suspensions, Hendrickson UK has focused on the development of smart characteristics for suspensions and components as intelligent vehicles emerge in the heavy-duty trucking industry. Elements such as brakes, electronics, automatic and remote controls, wheel ends and pneumatics hold tremendous promise for tomorrow’s OEM, fleet and owner operator. Engaging and energizing the global trucking community, Hendrickson remains at the forefront in the development of superior and unique components for a new breed of trucks, tractors and trailers.

Haulers worldwide recognize Hendrickson’s continuing commitment to excellence demonstrated by the industry-standard lifting pusher axle and suspension, MLA2™ + ; a unique, single-leaf, front mechanical steer suspension in SOFTEK®; a rear torque-box truck air suspension in HCP™; a reverse-steering lift axle system in PARAREV™, and an automatic trailer tyre inflation system in TIREMAAX®.

We take pride in our heritage and the many contributions made in shaping the industry, and we remain committed to the continued development of lighter-weight, lower-maintenance, smoother-riding and longer-lasting suspension system.

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Hendrickson's invention of the first tandem "walking beam" suspension established the company as an innovator.


The companies that formed Hendrickson were also innovators. NORDE was the first to adapt rubber suspensions, used on everything from underground trains to heavy vehicle use.

Manufacturing Technology

Hendrickson UK uses the latest manufacturing technologies to assure greater precision and performance. Here, computer-controlled plasma cutters fabricate parts that are identical to the fraction of a millimeter.

R & D Facility

R & D facilities at Sywell Airport are used to develop new suspension technologies for the specific needs of the European market.