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Suspension Systems

Suspension Systems

AIRTEK Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

AIRTEK’s superior design and engineering improves roll stability versus standard suspensions. Its exclusive air springs support a majority of the load, greatly increasing driver comfort. Premium rubber bushings are incorporate...Read More

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COMFORT AIR Rear Axle Air Suspension System

Drawing on over 100 years of innovation, superior design and quality manufacturing, Hendrickson delivers COMFORT AIR®, providing outstanding passenger and driver comfort along with exceptional handling characteristics for on-highway appli...Read More

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COMFORTLINER Bus Drive Axle Air Suspension

Hendrickson's COMFORTLINER™ is a premium drive axle air suspension ideal for transit and coach bus applications. Based on a system design proven in heavy-duty applications around the world, COMFORTLINER features an integra...Read More

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HCA - Hendrickson Chassis Axle
HCA - Hendrickson Chassis Axle Hendrickson Chassis Axle

The HCA® Hendrickson Chassis Axle™ for intermodal and marine chassis applications is one of Hendrickson’s full-line, industry-leading, low maintenance axles. Featuring a patented axle filter for internal venting, the...Read More

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HAULMAAX Heavy-duty Rear Rubber Suspension

Advanced engineering design methods and experience gathered from millions of Hendrickson suspensions created HAULMAAX, a rugged, yet lightweight rubber rear suspension that saves weight over competitive suspensions for greater payloads and route c...Read More

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HSDS Hendrickson Severe Duty System

With hundreds of thousands of suspension on trailers running on- and off-road, Hendrickson has been the brand of choice for various trailer applications throughout the world for decades.

Our patented TRI-FUNCTIONAL® Bushing, in ...Read More

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HWS Lightweight, Two-bag, Drive Axle Air Suspension System

Superb in single-drive-axle rigid truck applications, HWS™ trims weight while delivering excellent handling characteristics and outstanding durability.

The HWS air suspension delivers exceptional stability, ride control and be...Read More

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LUXAIR Premium Drive Axle Air Suspension System

Hendrickson's LUXAIR™ is a premium drive axle air suspension ideal for transit and coach bus applications. Utilising Hendrickson’s expertise in vehicle dynamics, this suspension can package with a variety of air spri...Read More

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MAXX22T Optimised Air Disc Brakes

Hendrickson continues to address the industry’s demand for advanced trailer air disc brakes with the introduction of the proprietary MAXX22T air disc brake system featuring WABCO brake technology. MAXX22T is specifically designed to opt...Read More

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INTRAAX Integrated Trailer Axle and Air Suspension

Worldwide, OEMs, fleets and owner operators put their trust in INTRAAX® for advanced trailer air suspension technology.

The first integrated trailer air suspension / axle / brake system, INTRAAX tames demanding applications with...Read More

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MLA 2 Integrated mid lift axle and air suspension system

MLA®2 suspension brings a systems approach, delivering advanced design, technology and manufacturing for tractors and rigid trucks. This fully integrated system significantly helps reduce weight, cost and operating expenses over traditional tw...Read More

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MLA 3 Integrated Mid-lift Axle and Air Suspension System

MLA®3 brings a systems approach, delivering advanced design, technology and manufacturing for tractors and rigid trucks. This fully integrated system significantly helps reduce weight, cost and operating expenses over traditional twin ste...Read More

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COMPOSITE SPRINGS Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Leaf Springs

For weight sensitive applications, Hendrickson offers Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) leaf springs that complement our high performance steel spring portfolio. We offer GFRP solutions for front or rear axles, from Light Commercial Vehicles (...Read More

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PRIMAAX Medium-duty drive axle air suspension system

PRIMAAX®, medium-duty air suspension for tractor and rigid truck applications, maximises driver comfort and vehicle protection. Rated up to 10.5 t, PRIMAAX adjusts to variations in load and road conditions for optimal ride and performance.
...Read More

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Leaf Springs
Leaf Springs Customised Leaf Spring Solutions

Hendrickson offers the widest range of springs available. From parabolic springs to air suspension springs. From  mono-leaf and multi-leaf springs to customised spring solutions. For the lightest LCV to the heaviest-load truck.

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SOFTEK NXT Integrated Monoleaf Suspension and Steer Axle System

Hendrickson’s SOFTEK® NXT system combines the STEERTEK NXT axle and monoleaf spring technology with an advanced integrated clamp group design. This complete system saves over 45 kgs compared to a traditional two-leaf sprin...Read More

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Stabilisers Solid and Tube Stabilisers

Hendrickson is European market leader for stabilisers and produces these in Douai (France).

The stabiliser plays a key role in a bus and truck suspension by improving vehicle stability, handling and enhanced comfort in the curves. I...Read More

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STEERTEK NXT HD Lightweight Steer Assembly

STEERTEK NXT is the durable and lightweight alternative to forged I-beam axles. The unique fabricated front steer axle design platform enables multiple axle configurations for vocational truck applications. STEERTEK NXT features a r...Read More

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TIREMAAX Trailer Tyre Pressure Control Systems

TIREMAAX® automatic tyre inflation systems provide a basic, responsive approach to help extend tyre life and increase fuel efficiency. These patented systems draw from the trailer air supply to keep the trailer tyres properly inflated and roll...Read More

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ULTIMAAX Advanced Severe-duty Rubber Suspension

Drawing on 100+ years of experience, Hendrickson has employed the latest engineering advancements and expertise to develop the ULTIMAAX®severe-duty rubber suspension, designed to balance outstanding durability, empty ride quality, loaded stabi...Read More

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