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HCA - Hendrickson Chassis Axle

Hendrickson Chassis Axle

The HCA® Hendrickson Chassis Axle™ for intermodal and marine chassis applications is one of Hendrickson’s full-line, industry-leading, low maintenance axles. Featuring a patented axle filter for internal venting, the HCA axle comes fully dressed with a standard package including
brakes and hub piloted hubs. With an axle capacity of 9 t (metric tonnes), the 127 mm round HCA axle includes heat-treated spindles, rigid forged steel spiders and 420 × 180 mm brakes.

To enhance durability, Hendrickson adds an oil-impregnated bronze spider bushing and hardened machined cam heads, journals and splines. Hendrickson Chassis Axles help deliver low-cost, low-maintenance solutions for the chassis axle market. All HCA axles are offered with
outstanding warranty coverage and support from the recognised leader in the commercial vehicle industry.The Hendrickson Chassis Axle™ (HCA®) is the latest addition to our full line of industry-standard, low-maintenance axles. A superb choice for intermodal chassis applications, HCA supplies a one-piece axle bar with hot-formed spindles.


Sales Literature

Axle Bar

  • Heat treated 127 mm diameter axle
  • Heat treated, hot-formed HN and HP spindles
  • 9 t capacity (metric tonnes)
  • 1816 to 1968 mm axle tracks
  • 13 to 19 mm wall available
  • Axle bar warranted for 7-year parts / 7-year labor, extended warranties available*

Brakes and HLS® Wheel-Ends

  • 9 t capacity (metric tonnes)
  • 420 × 180 mm standard service – fast change shoes using Hendrickson proprietary 9 t lining
  • E-Coated brake shoes for protection against rust jacking
  • Forged S-cams with hardened head, journals and splines
  • Lightweight outboard mounted cast iron brake drums
  • Cam shafts removable without removing the hub on hub piloted
  • ABS ready
  • Hub piloted hubs
  • 335 mm and 11.25-inch hub bolt circles
  • Premium Federal Mogul seal
  • Hendrickson’s patented axle filter and axle venting system
  • Patented PRECISION240® or PRECISION320® systems allow for ultra-precise bearing adjustment
  • HLS® Hendrickson Long-Life System™ standard with a 6-year parts and labor warranty*