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Hendrickson Severe Duty System

With hundreds of thousands of suspension on trailers running on- and off-road, Hendrickson has been the brand of choice for various trailer applications throughout the world for decades.

Our patented TRI-FUNCTIONAL® Bushing, in unison with a rigid beam and patented rigid axle connection, provides the ideal combination of ride softness and roll stability. With only two long-life bushings for each suspension, HSDS™ provides a straight-forward, functional design with fewer parts to minimise maintenance.

Available with drum brakes, the HSDS supplies responsive, consistent braking power in a reliable and durable package. In addition, standard QUIK-ALIGN® pivot connection provides fast, easy, accurate axle alignment using standard tools.


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Conventional Ride Heights

  • Suspension capacities offered up to 13.6 t (metric tonnes)
  • Ride heights from 355 to 580 mm
  • Available with auxiliary rebound limiter
  • Quad shocks available for off-road — severe-duty applications
  • Optional UNDER BEAM LIFT™(UBL™) provides lift
  • capability for operational flexibility and to extend tyre life


  • Proven technology provides mile after mile of dependable service
  • Voids positioned to optimally absorb all road forces
  • The ideal combination of ride softness and roll stability
  • Specially formulated rubber compound stands up to tough operating conditions
  • Only two long-life bushings in each suspension

Rigid Trailing Arm/ Rigid Axle Connection

  • Patent pending beam to axle connection for rugged performance and durability in severe operating enviroments
  • Simplicity of design reduces the number of moving parts, bushings and fasteners for minimal maintenance
  • Provides superior stability while eliminating torque rods and stabilizer bars
  • Eliminates retorquing requirements
  • Low spring rate for exceptional ride quality

QUIK-ALIGN™ Pivot Connection

  • Provides quick, easy axle realignment
  • Save time and money should axle realignment become necessary
  • TORQ-RITE™ shear bolt eliminates guesswork
  • Realign using standard tools — no torque wrench or welding required
  • Optimise tyre life

Hendrickson Trailer Axles

Axle Features

  • Axle capacities available up to 13.6 t (metric tonnes)
  • Wide range of axle tracks available
  • Patented axle filter protects the wheel ends from contamination

Drum Brake Features

  • Heat treated components for durability
  • Forged spiders for rigidity
  • Hendrickson Extended Service™(HXS™) Brakes available in 420 × 180 mm and 420 × 220 mm
  • Standard Cam Tube System™ (cam cover) helps extend cam life
  • Dust shields standard
  • Quick change outboard mounted drums