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Integrated Trailer Axle and Air Suspension

Worldwide, OEMs, fleets and owner operators put their trust in INTRAAX® for advanced trailer air suspension technology.

The first integrated trailer air suspension / axle / brake system, INTRAAX tames demanding applications with a straightforward, functional design derived from sophisticated engineering. The INTRAAX family brings a breadth of models to meet your hauling challenges — top-mount, low-ride, extreme-duty, single and tandem sliders and liftable models in capacities from 9 to 13.6 t.

INTRAAX helps to increase payload, protect cargo, ensure driver comfort and keep equipment operating at peak efficiency. For more information on INTRAAX, contact your local trailer dealer or Hendrickson.


Sales Literature

Low maintenance and convenience: Save time and money

  • Maintenance requirements minimised
  • Straight-forward, functional design with few parts
  • QUIK-ALIGN® for fast, reliable and convenient axle alignment
  • Proven TRI-FUNCTIONAL® Bushing technology for long life and a smooth ride
  • Single source for comprehensive technical support, training and warranty

Performance plus

  • Low spring rates deliver superb ride quality
  • Rigid trailing arm, solid axle connection proven to be a stable design
  • TRI-FUNCTIONAL Bushings optimise ride softness and control
  • Large bore shocks with greater fluid volume, premium seals for extended life
  • High-capacity air springs with low-operating pressures for rapid air-up
  • Available with optional lift kit

Superior axle

  • Neutral-toe and camber axle helps stretch mileage and tyre life
  • Patented axle wrap for optimal structural integrity
  • Axle spindle and brake mounting surfaces machined to ensure precise brake geometry and wheel positioning for maximum brake life and efficiency
  • Hendrickson's 146-mm axle tube for optimum stiffness

Responsive, consistent braking power

  • Available with Knorr-Bremse Air Disc Brakes
  • High braking torque with lightweight design
  • Long life and even pad wear
  • Fully sealed, fixed and flexible bearings
  • 2 mm additional brake pad thickness
  • Pad wear indication (optional)

Drum brakes

  • Standard Cam Tube System™ to help extend brake component life
  • Low air consumption, critical for EBS performance
  • Fast application and release cycles
  • Heat treated components for great durability
  • Available with 420-by-180-mm drum brakes
  • Patented brake hardware welded to trailing arms rather than axle, minimising axle stress
  • Quick change outboard mounted drums

HNP™ wheel-end technology

  • HNP™ hub incorporates
  • Twin 90-mm bearings
  • A Teflon-coated sealing surface for enhanced seal life
  • PRECISION320™ nut system — Enables ultra-precise factory installation for enhanced bearing and seal life
  • Patent-pending, self-centering hubcap
  • Completely rebuildable system