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Optimised Air Disc Brakes

Hendrickson continues to address the industry’s demand for advanced trailer air disc brakes with the introduction of the proprietary MAXX22T air disc brake system featuring WABCO brake technology. MAXX22T is specifically designed to optimise air disc brakes for North American trailer applications and incorporates premium features exclusive to Hendrickson.


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  • Consistent performance during extended braking application cycles such as long descending grades.
  • Compatible with advanced technologies such as roll stability systems (RSS) and electronically controlled braking systems (ECBS)
  • Available with TIREMAAX® PRO, advanced tire pressure control system, specifically designed to allow air to flow in both directions – to and from tires.


  • Optimised air disc bake for trailer applications
  • Unparalleled weight savings over standard ductile iron designs
  • Featuring proven WABCO brake technology
  • The only ADB system offered with Hendrickson comprehensive warranty coverage