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Trailer Tyre Pressure Control Systems

TIREMAAX® automatic tyre inflation systems provide a basic, responsive approach to help extend tyre life and increase fuel efficiency. These patented systems draw from the trailer air supply to keep the trailer tyres properly inflated and rolling smoothly.

One of the most significant maintenance issues facing the industry today is the problem of improper tyre inflation. Studies show that improperly inflated tyres can greatly reduce fuel economy and decrease tyre life. Incorrect inflation may also lead to compromised braking, poor handling and reduced stability.

TIREMAAX delivers a reliable, durable approach for maintaining proper inflation levels. The system monitors pressure in all tyres and directs air to one or more tyres when they dip below the pre-set level.

TIREMAAX can pay for itself in a year or less with savings from increased fuel mileage, reduced tyre maintenance and replacement costs and prevention of tyre failure leading to downtime and costly road service.


Sales Literature

TIREMAAX® system can pay for itself and more

According to industry sources, proper tyre  inflation can yield savings in the three greatest expense areas for fleets and owner operators — labor, fuel and tyres. Can you afford not to take advantage of the potential savings that TIREMAAX provides?

Labor savings

  • Help save labor costs by not having drivers conduct manual tyre checks, which can take an operator 30 minutes per rig Fuel savings
  • Fuel consumption can decrease by eliminating excess rolling resistance from under inflated tyres

Extended tyre life

  • Proper inflation helps maintain a tyre’s correct footprint for even wear and prevention of premature fatigue of the steel cords
  • Tyre-related costs often represent the single largest maintenance cost item for commercial vehicles

Increased up time

  • Properly inflated tyres reduce the likelihood of flats, breakdowns and tyre debris
  • Proper tyre inflation can reduce road calls by up to 80 percent per tractor-trailer combination