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Heavy-duty Rear Rubber Suspension

Advanced engineering design methods and experience gathered from millions of Hendrickson suspensions created HAULMAAX, a rugged, yet lightweight rubber rear suspension that saves weight over competitive suspensions for greater payloads and route consolidation.


Sales Literature

  • Equalizing Beam - Formed and robotically-welded equalizing beam provides a narrow profile for weight savings, distributes load equally between both axles for improved traction, lowers the center of gravity to increase stability, and establishes a solid axle connection for improved handling.
  • Bar pin end connection - Rugged axle connection extends bushing life, and allows easy axle alignment and serviceability.
  • Progressive load spring - Engaged for a smooth ride and additional stability.
  • Premium rubber tie-bar bolster springs - The unique design works with the progressive load spring to deliver enhanced empty ride quality and loaded stability.
  • Optional shock absorbers - Provide additional driver comfort. Required for tractor and applications.